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Wayne Lineker breaks silence after being ‘knocked out’ by thugs in Ibiza

Wayne Lineker, the brother of footballing legend Gary Lineker, has spoken out after footage emerged of him being knocked unconscious by a stranger during a night out in Ibiza. The incident occurred around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, June 12, outside Eden Bar in San Antonio, via The Mirror.

The altercation started moments after Wayne was seen arguing with a group of men who were reportedly pestering a female friend of his. A man then struck Wayne, causing him to fall to the ground. He remained unconscious for over five minutes before regaining consciousness.

An 18-year-old student from Wales, who witnessed the attack, recounted the incident to The Sun: “It was horrible – he looked like he could have been dead at one point. Wayne just fell on the floor, and the man and his friends ran off. He was completely unconscious. He wasn’t really speaking much when he did eventually come back round. I stayed to help him, and the police turned up, but they weren’t there for long and didn’t really do much and left quickly.”

Later that day, Wayne, a father of four, posted a video on social media to celebrate his son Freddie’s 20th birthday. The video showed a young Freddie playing with a hula hoop, and Wayne captioned it: “Sorry @freddie_lineker you won’t like me for this but as a dad it’s very special… Happy 20th birthday to my special handsome boy and superstar DJ… keep doing what you’re doing. Big things coming your way and to your credit without any help from me!! ‘Dad I got this, Appreciate you wanting to help me but I need to do this myself.’ So proud of you when you said this to me. Love you #myboy.”

Wayne, who is estranged from his brother Gary, owns a nightclub empire in Spain that he launched in 1988. His business includes Lineker’s Bar sports bars in Tenerife, Marbella, Benidorm, and Ibiza.

Last year, Wayne made headlines when he appeared on a live edition of Peter Crouch’s podcast at Crouchfest at Wembley in November and was subjected to verbal abuse from the crowd. Reflecting on the experience, he wrote on Instagram: “What should have been a bit of fun turned into what I can only describe as a scene of Mob Mentality against me, thousands of people in unison calling me a ‘p****’ to be exact! Can you imagine that being you, your dad, your son, your brother, your mate, or anyone you love and care about having to endure that on stage.”

He continued: “Love me or hate me living in party world at my age..but to call me something so disgusting is just completely and utterly devastating and the lowest level of wit, judgment, and trolling.”

Wayne concluded his post with a heartfelt message: “Remember to be kind it really does not take much effort!”

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