7 Ways to Upcycle Your Maternity Clothes After Pregnancy

Do you have a closet full of maternity clothes and don’t know what to put it because you no longer wear or need it? People regularly empty their closets to get rid of unworn or excess items that they have acquired over time. If you’re looking to get rid of maternity clothes, donating them or getting them out of the closet can be more difficult as they likely weren’t bought long ago or you’re not sure if you will need them again.

Maternity clothes can also be expensive and are usually of very high quality. These articles can also have sentimental value to you. But we’re sure you’ll want to make room for all of the new full figure fashions that you bring into your closet too! Anyway, we understand the challenge of figuring out what to do with those outfits that you have outgrown. If you’re feeling undecided, there are other ways to transform your maternity clothes instead of keeping them in the closet or throwing them away. Check out some of these tips on how to improve your maternity clothes after pregnancy.

Do you have friends or family who are pregnant and need fluffy clothes soon? If so, giving them clothes might be a good idea. Maternity clothes are only in your closet and will be worn by you for nine months, which means they are usually in near perfect condition. Since you haven’t bought them long ago, they are probably still in vogue. Either way, gifting your maternity clothes to a friend or family member … and you can really help!

Get changes to the pieces you love

Was there any maternity jeans that you absolutely loved? If you want to wear them after pregnancy, now is the time to change them to suit your body. Hey, if you find great jeans, do whatever you can to keep them in your closet!

Maintain crash-friendly styles

Fluffy models don’t have to be maternity wear, as they can be worn before, during and after pregnancy without any changes, so we recommend keeping these styles in your wardrobe. Bump-friendly styles are usually loose and not stick to your curves or body and can be very comfortable. The flow of the fluffy-friendly maxi dresses makes them the perfect piece of clothing that you can wear anytime. Flowing and oversized looks are also trendy.

So as long as you enjoy wearing them, keep them in your closet! These styles are also great to hold on to as you learn to hug your new body. Wearing tight, restrictive clothing after giving birth can affect your self-esteem. So if you’re struggling with this, take a note from the Body Positivity Movement Manual and wear what makes you feel alive and confident.

Donate your maternity clothes to the women’s shelter

When it comes to donating your maternity clothes, many mothers need help. Giving them away maternity clothes can be very helpful and encouraging. Call the nearby animal shelters to see if they are accepting clothing donations, or arrange an appointment to pick up your maternity clothing at your local thrift store.

Save your maternity clothes

Are you the smart guy? If you enjoy sewing and creating new projects, you can turn your maternity clothes into a variety of fun crafts, accessories, and even other items of clothing. There are many ways to turn maternity clothes or any outfit into things like pet beds, reusable tote bags, blankets, and lots of other fun crafts.

Resell your maternity clothes

Spent a lot of money on maternity clothes? With so many ways to resell your maternity clothes, you might want to see if you can cash out some of your old clothes. There are many second hand and consignment stores online that will help you get your old clothes into the hands of interested buyers.

You can always research whether there is a consignment or clothing store near you that accepts maternity wear. We have it. Maternity clothes can be very expensive! So, if you are wondering if these clothes can be sold, there may be plenty of expectant mothers looking for maternity clothes at a big discount.

Protect your maternity clothes for the future

Are you planning to have another child in the future? Even if these plans expire in five years, having your maternity clothes on hand can be handy when you’ve spent a lot of money. Of course, there is no guarantee that these dresses will fit you the same way they did when you were pregnant, but that is exactly what makes maternity wear so great; They are shaped and stretched to comfortably fit your figure. If you love the idea but still need to free up space in your closet, use vacuum bags to keep your maternity clothes compact until you can use them again.

Are you inspired by new ways to transform your maternity clothes? We understand that cleaning old clothes can be very refreshing and stimulating, especially at a time when you may want to get used to being a new mom when it seems a bit messy. So, tidy up your old clothes or keep them for the future! Either way, you’ll soon feel a lot more organized!

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