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UK Prepares for Winter Onslaught as Snow Warnings Issued, Temperatures to Drop to -5C

These alerts, indicating potential travel disruptions, are set for northern Scotland and the entirety of Northern Ireland this coming Sunday and Monday.

Northern Scotland will be under a snow warning throughout Sunday and Monday, while Northern Ireland will face similar conditions from early morning to midnight on Monday. The Met Office advises caution, noting that roads and railways are likely to be affected, and untreated surfaces may become icy, increasing the risk of slips and falls.

In Scotland, there’s also a small chance of power cuts and disruptions to mobile phone coverage. The severe weather could leave vehicles and passengers stranded, and result in delays or cancellations of rail and air travel.

Temperatures are expected to plummet further into the week, with parts of Scotland experiencing lows of -5C by Wednesday. Fort William is predicted to be the coldest region, while Edinburgh may see temperatures around -3C. Belfast, Manchester, and Birmingham will also face cold temperatures, dropping to -1C, -2C, and 0C respectively.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist David Hayter highlighted the ongoing risk of disruptive snow, particularly in coastal areas in the north and where milder air from the southwest meets the cold air over the UK. This clash of air masses could result in substantial snowfall in some areas. The Met Office continues to monitor the situation closely, promising more detailed forecasts in the days ahead as models clarify the extent and impact of this cold weather event.

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