Donald Trump Used to Buy the Kind of Toys Barron As A Child, Inside Source Explained

The relationship that Donald Trump “enjoys” with his children is an unusual one, seems that it is at best and because all of them are only odd in their unique ways.

As though he can never really determine whether he likes Donald Trump Jr. or not, always neglecting his eldest son and namesake on a futile journey for support from daddy that he’ll never quite achieve.

Eric appears to just be daddy’s little grifter pawn, that embarrassed middle child who’s never paid much politeness by pretty much anyone but continues to do his reports’ charge lest he loses that trust fund or be written out of the will. Eventually,

Trump seems to just overlook the fact that his youngest daughter Tiffany still alive in any way and God knows the dynamic going on between Donald and his princess Ivanka is one that not even the best team of psychiatrists could begin to crack, or no one can likely even want to.

Melania is constant about keeping her only child out of the spotlight of her husband’s mess. Because of that may very well be part of it. But over the past years, as we’ve watched first-hand the way Trump acts about his youngest child, it’s led us to wonder that how if there was some weirdness going on in the relationship between Donald and his son Barron.

Noel Casler, a former employee on Trump’s reality TV show and an insider to the Trump family as a whole, stated in a tweet talking about the toys that Donald supposedly gifted to Barron when he was a small child as well as how he apparently urged him to play with them.

All we can appreciate to former inside source because there may be more truth to the latter than what we realized.

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