TikTok prankster Mizzy
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TikTok Prankster Mizzy Faces Potential Jail Time and Social Media Ban Over Controversial Video

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, popularly recognized for his TikTok pranks, has been banned from accessing social media platforms. This decision was reached after he was deemed guilty of publishing videos without securing the necessary permissions.

Mizzy, as he’s known on social media, reportedly defied a court ruling that barred him from uploading videos featuring individuals who hadn’t given their consent. This violation occurred shortly after the order was issued.

Presiding Judge Matthew Bone, during the trial at Stratford Magistrates Court, criticized O’Garro for his dismissive stance towards the legal mandate. He described O’Garro’s denial of breaching the order on four occasions as having “zero credibility.”

The judge’s ruling restricts the 19-year-old from using any social media, barring personal messaging, till his upcoming sentencing. He also highlighted the gravity of O’Garro’s actions, suggesting potential incarceration.

Developments in the case revealed that O’Garro was taken into custody under the suspicion of disrupting the course of justice. His primary witness, scheduled to testify, was similarly detained. Their bail conditions prohibit any form of communication between them.

Despite attempts by O’Garro’s defense attorney, Paul Lennon, to postpone the proceedings on the grounds of an unfair trial, given the absence of their main witness, Judge Bone dismissed the plea.

The prosecution presented evidence showing that O’Garro had uploaded videos of individuals without their approval on the very day the criminal behavior order was enacted, 24 May. The evidence included a video from O’Garro’s Twitter, filmed after his appearance on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV, criticizing the UK legal system.

The videos on his Snapchat portrayed him physically engaging a schoolboy and a man with dwarfism, which O’Garro claimed were staged and consensual. Judge Bone refuted O’Garro’s defense that a friend had uploaded the videos without his knowledge, labeling it as “far-fetched.”

The judge stated, “O’Garro’s actions were blatant and immediate violations of the criminal behavior order. His actions openly mocked the British judiciary system, and his behavior reflected a conscious decision to challenge the legal ruling.”

While O’Garro was acquitted of two counts of the same charge, the judge emphasized the significant ramifications of his proven violations.

Judge Bone commented, “Though he was acquitted on certain counts, he shouldn’t take solace in that verdict. The seriousness of the charges he’s convicted of could potentially warrant incarceration. He needs to realize that he knowingly went against the court’s decision shortly after it was passed.”

The final sentencing for Bacari-Bronze O’Garro is scheduled for 21 November at Thames Magistrates Court.

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