Who Her Husband Is After She Referred to Him As “President Trump” Social Media Reminds Melania?

Donald Trump left office in shame following his provocation of the deadly Jan. 6 rebellion, although it’s true that past presidents can be pointed to as “president” when addressing them.

Trump divided this country into little pieces and only realized his fire-breathing, lint-licking support. Former First Lady Melania Trump tweeted her sympathies to the royal family after Prince Philip’s death, and part of that tweet was met with an objection for leading to her twice-impeached husband as the president.

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Whenever a national crisis popped up, Trump would instantly lash out at “Democrat cities” and his authorities on the other side of the course. There’s a long list of faultfinding we could point to here.

Still, it’s not like any of you have overlooked the abuse we underwent under his leadership, which includes the hundreds of thousands of Americans sadly that died on the former president’s watch.

But Melania is same as before.

Do you remember that when we are in grade school when the teacher said that anyone could become president? That’s true. American elected a man with zero political sense, whose resume consists of being a fact TV show host. And now that he was criticized twice, he can still be referred to as president.

There was a fierce backlash on Twitter.

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