Queen Elizabeth’s new ‘confidant’ after Prince Philip’s death unveiled: report

Queen Elizabeth’s new confidant after Prince Philip’s passing has just been brought forward by experts and royal fans are shocked.

An insider leaked the identity of one of Queen Elizabeth’s closest confidants during their interview with The Sunday Times and was quoted saying, “People talk about the duke being the Queen’s rock, which he was.”

“But so is Paul. He has been such a loyal servant, and a crucial member of ‘HMS Bubble’, the Covid confinement at Windsor. She will be relying heavily on him.”

For years Mr Whybrew has acted as a calming presence for the monarch and, on a separate occasion, a former aide even told Daily Mail, “The Queen adores Paul. He is the perfect calming presence to have around in such circumstances.”

Paul retired from his duties back in 2017 and lived within the Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate for most of his retirement.

It was only when covid-19 hit that he was moved into the Queen’s bubble in Windsor Castle alongside term aide Angela Kelly.

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