Queen Elizabeth II Suggested Beatrice, Her Suggested Name Was “Too Classic”

Long ago when Princess Beatrice was born, a great drama has occurred over the baby’s name, the credit goes to Queen Elizabeth II, who, as we know, calls all the rounds in the royal fam.

As per The Mirror, Beatrice’s parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson initially required Beatrice’s name to be Annabel. But the Queen didn’t agree to the name, writing it off as—pause for it—“too yuppie” for a fellow of the British royal fam. And it took Andrew and Sarah two weeks to broadcast Beatrice’s name because of the Queen’s fears, seemingly.

If Queen Elizabeth II’s critique of Beatrice’s original name seems severe, know that it’s actually ~royal tradition~ for members of the royal family who are pregnant to have an “informal chat” with the Queen about the baby’s name so they can make 100% sure she’s happy with it.

And yes, this tradition is alive in the Year of Our Lord 2021—see: Prince Harry asking Queen Elizabeth for permission to use her nickname Lilibet as the name of his and Meghan Markle’s daughter before Lili was born.

The Queen in history hasn’t had questions with name choices, but when Andrew and Sarah move toward her in 1988, the couple had to think a lot about her name. It reportedly acquired “two weeks for the Yorks to formally announce [Beatrice’s] name because of the Queen’s concerns,” The Mirror‘s report claimed. The Queen was the one to suggest the name Beatrice in the first place.

So, Sarah and Andrew took the Queen’s advice and named their daughter Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, adding a tribute to the Queen as the middle name to show their appreciation. And the rest, as they say, is royal history, stated goodhousekeeing.

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