A Man Saved the Puppy Not Eaten By Hazardous Lizard In Litter

There was a heap of litter beside a river. A lizard killed all puppies but couldn’t take his life. With the blessings of God, a little soul hold onto the life. The lizard bit off his front leg but the puppy still managed to fight to survive. Soon, a man was found by a man walking by the river. 

He called, in a panic, for someone to come and help. A nearby vet rescue group and clinic showed up and sent personnel to help the puppy. The puppy was bleeding out and he needed medical help urgently!

The rescuers did the initial treatment and carried him to the hospital. He needed IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication. His tiny body had been through so much. He not only bear the physical pain but also had lost his siblings. The rescuers were sure that the lizard had also chased away the pup’s mama for good.

The rescuers tried to find out his other family member but, they couldn’t find anyone.  The puppy may be without his mom but he wasn’t alone! A woman heard about the little puppy warrior and offered to foster him. 

The vet cleaned the wounds and stitched the puppy up. Therefore, he will live with his three legs, he would get used to it quickly. The woman adopted him but, she belongs to a poor area, she can’t keep the puppy indefinitely.

They are in search of a good family who is now with his three-legs. He deserves a happy life. Don’t you agree? Let’s find out the good parents to him where he could make family and friends. Animals have a right to be happy and loved. Wait until you see how strong he is as he learns to get around on three legs. We are amazed!

Check him out in the rescue video below.

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