Princess Kate Makeup
Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Kate’s Subtle Makeup Choices: A Reflection of Royal Etiquette and Individual Style

While Princess Kate’s impeccable fashion sense never fails to grab headlines, her makeup choices—designed for subtlety—are often overlooked, and it’s all by design.

Celebrity stylist and authority on royal fashion, Miranda Holder, recently shared insights on this with Express. “While there’s no stringent code for royal makeup, there’s an unwritten etiquette that has prevailed over the years, advocating for the ‘less is more’ principle,” Holder elaborates.

Holder remarked that the Queen occasionally sports a vibrant lipstick shade, but the overarching trend among royal women is either a muted makeup look or none at all. “Nevertheless,” Holder continues, “there have always been Windsor women who diverge from convention, both in fashion and overall persona.”

These trailblazers, according to Holder, don’t hesitate to distinguish themselves from the usual royal aesthetic, solidifying their statuses as style trendsetters. “Princess Diana set the tone with her distinctively mascara-heavy lashes which accentuated her renowned demure glances. The current Princess of Wales, Kate, follows in these iconic footsteps.”

Shedding light on Kate’s classic makeup aesthetic, Holder observes, “Owing partly to her natural allure, coupled with her future role as England’s queen and constant media scrutiny, Kate often leans on subtle makeup enhancements to consistently present her best face to the global audience.”

Nonetheless, Kate’s makeup arsenal usually includes modestly highlighted eyebrows, mascara, a soft pink blush, and a lipstick shade slightly richer than her natural lip color. Her hairstyles, too, predominantly remain understated. She mostly opts for gentle waves cascading down, although her recent half-tied hairstyle during Wimbledon turned heads for its deviation from her usual look.

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