Prince William blasted over private jet use

Prince William blasted over private jet use after urging others to be climate friendly

Prince William has been accused of double standards after he urged the public to be more climate friendly in a message on climate change.

In a video message, the Duke of Cambridge spoke at the Conservation International Gala in which he said that the next decade will be “one of our greatest tests” and called for humanity to “reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species” in a bid to dodge a climate disaster.

While many praised the Duke’s efforts he was also called out for double-standards as members of the royal family often travel on private jets and gas-guzzling cars.

“Prince William wants to reset the trajectory banning petrol cars and stopping foreign travel. So it’s OK for them to drive around in Range Rovers, Rolls Royces, and take private flights,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Let’s all tip our hats when we ride by the rich in their cars, on our bikes.”

Another user wrote: “Out of date and out of touch.

“His dad just flew to Greece in a pandemic to lay a wreath. Time for reform.”

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