Prince Harry
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Prince Harry Battles UK Government Over Personal Security Decision

Prince Harry is continuing his legal fight against the UK government’s decision to revoke his security detail. Earlier in the year, the Duke of Sussex unsuccessfully attempted to persuade a judge to allow him to personally finance police protection for himself and his family during visits to London, according to a report by AP.

His offer was rejected after a government lawyer contended that police officers should not be employed as “private bodyguards for the wealthy.”

The issue at the heart of Prince Harry’s legal challenge is his desire for protection when he returns to the UK, citing concerns over the aggressive behavior of the press and the consequent risk to his and his family’s safety. This legal move comes after Prince Harry, along with his wife Meghan Markle, stepped back from their royal duties in 2020.

In this ongoing case, a privacy order has been issued, as reported by ABC News, to prevent the majority of the evidence from being made public. The judge overseeing the case emphasized the need for confidentiality, stating that the material must be protected to ensure justice and the proper resolution of the claim. Consequently, much of the hearing is set to take place in private.

Prince Harry has been granted the opportunity to appeal the Home Office’s decision by the High Court. The case will be heard before Mr. Justice Lane, marking the next step in the Duke’s ongoing legal battle over his security arrangements.

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