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Prince Harry Is Tangled In His Own Untrue Stories

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry is the talk of the town, criticizing his family and revealing intimate details about stuff most keep private. All of that talk has been licking up by his fans and duly examined by those a bit more neutral.

Prince Harry’s several forms of what he calls “truth bombs” have transformed over time. Let’s take a look at just one line of chatter that Harry has turned differently to different people at different times.

BuzzFeed News called Harry a, “revisionist historian, contradicting past statements he’s made about his mental health issues and the support — or lack thereof — he received from the royal family. The picture he paints is that of an uncaring institution ignoring his cries for help, of a man suffering in silence until Meghan Markle came into his life. But his past statements and what he’s saying now don’t always line up.”

Just recall Oprah Winfrey’s interview in March, on a podcast on May 13, and in The Me, You Can’t See the documentary, “that nobody in his family had encouraged him to seek help for his mental health or to speak about the issue openly, especially relating to the death of his mother, Princess Diana.”

In May 2016, Harry, William, and Kate Middleton launched the #HeadsTogether campaign with a goal to, “end stigma around mental health” and “change the national conversation on mental wellbeing … the three of us want to come up with practical ways of providing everyone who needs help with the right support and care.”

That doesn’t sound like he was silenced by anyone, just the opposite.

And, on April 16, 2017, “Harry spoke even more openly about his mental health issues, revealing in an episode of the Telegraph podcast Bryony Gordon’s Mad World that he’d sought professional treatment.”

He said, “I can safely say that losing my [mother] at the age of 12, and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but my work as well. I have probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions when all sorts of grief and sort of lies and misconceptions and everything is coming to you from every angle.”

These declarations plus Harry’s talk of his therapy contradict his“claim that his wife was the person who encouraged him to seek treatment for his mental health — even though he has long credited William for making him realize that he needed to confront his emotions about the traumatic death of their mother.”

As per, Harry stated that it was William who was the driving force behind his decision to begin treatment for his mental health, “In the 2017 Telegraph podcast interview, Harry told Gordon, “It was only three years ago, funny enough, from the support around, and my brother and other people saying, ‘You need to deal with this. It’s not normal to think that nothing has affected you.’”

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