Powys Pensioner Fined for Assaulting Police Officer and Making Threats

A 74-year-old pensioner from Powys has been fined for repeatedly hitting a police officer and making threats after being arrested following a domestic incident.

Hilary Parsons was described as “wailing and screaming” during her arrest in Llanfair Caereinion on April 11. The incident, influenced by alcohol, led to her being charged and fined.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard on June 11 that Parsons, recently separated from her husband, pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating of an emergency worker. The assault on PC Garratt initially occurred at Parsons’ then-address on Bridge Street, Llanfair, and continued during her transport to custody.

Prosecutor Helen Tench stated, “Police were called to a domestic incident in Llanfair Caereinion. The defendant was arrested. She initially swung her left arm at the officer and was being generally uncompliant. The officer was struck in the right arm. He warned her and placed her in handcuffs, but she continued to wail and scream. He took her to her home to get medication, then sat in the back seat with her. She became agitated and hit out at the officer and was further arrested. Once again she then assaulted him, hitting his arm, on the way to Newtown Police Station. She also made threats towards him.”

Mrs. Tench noted that Parsons caused no injuries to PC Garratt and had only one previous caution for violence. Parsons gave a no-comment interview.

Owain Jones, representing Parsons, described the situation as sad, stating, “I say that because at 74 this is her first conviction. She has recently separated from her husband and is in poor health. The case was adjourned previously due to the fact of her being in hospital. Alcohol was a contributing factor that night, and she has sought to address that. I have shown my client footage of the incident and she reflects on her behavior; she accepts it was poor behavior and she is sorry for her conduct.”

Mr. Jones emphasized that the officer received no significant injuries and noted Parsons’ reliance on a basic state pension.

Magistrates fined Parsons £120, which was increased due to the assault being on an emergency worker. She must also pay £85 costs and a £48 surcharge but was ordered to pay no compensation.

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