Jennie Lawrenson pit bull attack
Photo: The Mirror

Jennie Lawrenson’s Trauma: Fears Rising as Vicious Pit Bull May Be Returned to Owner

Jennie Lawrenson, a victim of a brutal pit bull attack, is haunted by the possibility that the dog, named Kaiser, might be returned to its owner, Holly Snelgar. The terrifying incident unfolded when Lawrenson tried to evict Snelgar from her Airbnb property, only to be assaulted by Kaiser, leaving her with severe injuries on her arms, shoulders, legs, chest, and torso.

The savage assault lasted so long that her partner, Myles Waldron, intervened but was also attacked by the English pit bull. Last month, Holly Snelgar, a 25-year-old TikTok influencer, faced legal consequences and received a two-year community service sentence. She pled guilty to managing a dangerously uncontrollable dog and assaulting an emergency worker. However, in a disturbing twist, the dog was not put down.

Lawrenson, 50, shared her disbelief and fear with the Mirror, expressing her concerns about the contingent destruction order. This order implies that Snelgar might regain custody of Kaiser, provided she adheres to certain conditions like leash laws, insurance, and mandatory training sessions for the dog.

The trauma from the incident is fresh in Jennie’s mind, as she recalls the terrifying morning she confronted Snelgar and her friends for causing a disturbance. To her horror, her attempt to evict the group led to a sudden and brutal attack by the pit bull. Despite being freed from the dog’s grip, Kaiser attacked her twice more before the police intervened.

Even as the authorities were called to the scene, Snelgar showed aggression, attacking an officer. Her trial at Manchester Crown Court concluded with her receiving a community service order, compensations to be paid to both Lawrenson and Waldron and the dog was taken into police custody.

Now, as Jennie awaits updates from the Greater Manchester Police, she remains fearful and concerned, equating the dog’s potential return to its owner to handing back a weapon to a criminal. The incident has also ignited calls for reforming the Dangerous Dogs Act.

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