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Piers Morgan questions royal family’s suspicious silence on Kate’s health

Piers Morgan, the well-known journalist, has voiced his concern over the lack of transparency from the royal family regarding Princess Kate’s health condition. In a series of posts on X, previously known as Twitter, Morgan questioned the royal family’s reticence, especially in light of Prince William’s unexpected absence from the memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece.

The issue came to light following a tweet by royal correspondent Chris Ship, who noted Prince William’s sudden withdrawal from the event dedicated to his godfather. Ship highlighted that the reason for the Prince of Wales’ absence was described merely as a “personal matter” by his office, which also stated that Princess Kate is “doing well.”

Morgan, puzzled by the situation, speculated on the significance of the undisclosed personal matter that led Prince William to miss such a significant event, suggesting that it must be a matter of considerable importance.

This development follows the announcement that the Princess of Wales underwent a ‘planned abdominal surgery’ at the London Clinic on January 16, 2024. The surgery, which has been a point of concern for royal watchers and fans alike, has led to a period of recovery for the mother of three. Kensington Palace has assured the public that the Princess is recuperating from her procedure, yet the specifics of her condition and recovery process have been minimally disclosed.

The combination of Prince William’s absence at a key royal event and the minimal information provided about Princess Kate’s health has sparked a dialogue about the level of privacy maintained by the royal family and the public’s right to information, especially concerning matters that affect public engagements and duties of such high-profile figures. Morgan’s commentary reflects a broader curiosity and concern for the well-being of the royals and calls for greater openness in communicating with the public.

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