Prince William and Kate Middleton's
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Photo Agency Clarifies Authenticity of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Car Snapshot Amid Photoshop Allegations

In light of swirling Photoshop rumors, the photo agency that snapped Prince William and Kate Middleton together in a car on March 11th has stepped forward to address claims that the image was manipulated.

As Kate Middleton slowly reemerges into public view following her abdominal surgery in January, a recent photograph capturing her alongside Prince William in a Range Rover post-departure from Windsor Castle has sparked a frenzy of speculation. Critics on social media have scrutinized the image, with some suggesting discrepancies in the background’s brickwork and others drawing parallels to Kate’s 2016 hairstyle during the Battle of the Somme centenary, fueling rumors of digital alteration.

Goff Photos, the agency responsible for the controversial image, reached out to E! News with a clarification. While acknowledging that the photograph underwent cropping and brightness adjustments, the agency firmly denied any substantive digital alterations.

This controversy follows a recent admission from Kensington Palace concerning a different image altered by Kate herself. In a rare move, the Palace confirmed that Kate had indeed edited a family photo shared in celebration of the UK’s Mother’s Day, attributing the adjustments to her amateur photography enthusiasm. This acknowledgment came after the photo was withdrawn by agencies due to its manipulated nature, prompting an apology from Kate for any confusion caused.

Amidst the ongoing debate over the authenticity of royal photographs and Kate’s convalescence, Kensington Palace has reassured the public of her steady recovery, emphasizing that significant updates will be communicated as necessary. Meanwhile, Prince William’s representatives have dismissed the online chatter, asserting that the Prince’s priority remains his royal duties and not the rumors circulating on social media.

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