Paris Hilton’s Tell-All Documentary Affected Her In Multiple Ways

Paris Hilton isn’t feeling regret making her tell-all documentary that surprised everyone.

In 2020, Paris Hilton released her bombshell documentary series that exposed the misuses she suffered from. This is Paris mainly told Hilton’s experience in Provo where she, allegedly, agonized from mental and physical exploitation. She explained how she was enforced to take medicines as the staff assaulted her privacy even while taking a bath.

She got nothing but the trauma when she stayed, instigated her bad dream and sleeplessness for years. Luckily, the documentary itself aided her to settle, and she later clarified more how it occurred. While talking to WSJ Magazine, the 40-year-old socialite expressed how recalling the trauma allowed her to move forward like.

“I used to have very bad insomnia,” she said. “But ever since I did my documentary and I’ve been doing all of my work for my cause to help the children; it’s been so healing that I don’t have nightmares anymore.”

Moreover, she claimed that she needs eight to 10 hours of sleep to stay active for the next day. Luckily, Hilton likes it again as her hours altered a lot. From being awake late at night, she achieved to get sufficient hours of sleep again. Away from the documentary, Hilton ascribed the epidemic for serving her reprioritize.

As per Simple Life alum, she used to be one of those people who needs to get out all over the place. But due to COVID-19 restriction, she stays at home not to get infected. With the current state, she realized that she does not have to seem in all events. Also, just getting so much work done with the technology we have available, I just feel like I’ve saved so much time. I can do 20 Zooms in one day, get a week’s worth of work done in one day,” she went on.

Hilton utilized the same interview to re-share her skill at Provo Canyon School and the 11-month unceasing torment. Fox News discussed with the six ex-students one former staff of the boarding school to confirm Hilton’s entitlements. The witnesses proved the socialite’s statements, confirming that they either suffered or witnessed abuses themselves. These include bullying by staff, beatings, and forced medications, among others.

Provo revealed that the PCS was sold by its previous owners in August 2000.

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