Paris Hilton Feels Relief after Opening up on Abuse Ordeal

Paris Hilton has admitted a “weight has lifted off [her] shoulders” after she opened up about the alleged abuse she experienced at school.

The 39-year-old socialite was sent to residential behavioural school Provo Canyon in Utah as a teenager and in her new documentary, ‘This Is Paris’, she opened up for the first time about the experiences of physical and mental abuse she was allegedly subjected to while a pupil there.

And while Paris initially had second thoughts about making her ordeal public, she’s now glad that she did as it’s helped other “survivors”.

She told Sky News: “I definitely feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.

“At first I was very nervous and when I was even in the editing room [for the documentary], I was like, we need to cut this out, I don’t want anyone hearing about this.

“I’m getting just an outpouring of emails and people contacting me, survivors who have been at the same school, parents who, because they saw the trailer, have pulled their children out of there.

“People saying thank you so much for being so brave. I haven’t ever told anyone this either because I was just so traumatised and didn’t want to talk about it.

“Just the fact that it’s helping make change makes it all worth it to me that I said my story and that I even went through this.”

The blonde beauty believes the staff who were at the school when she was there should be jailed.

Asked what she’d say to the staff if she had the opportunity, she said: “I would say, how can you treat children like this? What’s wrong with you? How do you live with yourself?

“You are a terrible person and you deserve to be in jail.”

The YouTube Originals documentary also saw Paris meet with other students who were at the facility at the same time and she admitted it allowed her to stop feeling “alone”.

She said: “Just talking with them about how I was before I went there and hearing their stories, and then also just not feeling alone… I just felt that no one ever understood me [before] because no one knew the story.

“So to be able to speak to people and be free and… it was just a very special experience for me.”

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