New interview with Meghan Markle: what else did the actress tell reporters

Meghan, the beloved wife of Prince Harry continues to appear on the media. It’s been only three months since they give the idea in Oprah Winfrey’s interview, the Duchess of Sussex moved to the NPR radio station.

Surprisingly, with no scandals and accusations but revealing about her book “The Bench.”

The book is dedicated to the husband Harry and son Archie, and Meghan honestly confidences that the family members will see their likeness in the work.

Enlightening listeners with the details of her masterpiece, the actress said that every reader, having opened her book, can see themselves in it.

Emerging her idea, the writer Megan recalled not only about marks and structures of the body structure, but also religious and ethnic differences.

The work begins with the story of the family of Meghan and Harry. The plot revolves around the situations from the lives of other people, the heroes of which our fathers and sons.

Remembering the first interview, Meghan and Harry told journalists about the difficulties of life in the royal family.

Consequently, there was first an allegation of racism, and then of psychological burden.

Later, Harry himself was exposed with false statements about how their father, Prince Charles, should have threatened him and his brother from some unfriendly practices.

The said, “And in May, Meghan published a children’s book, which was written based on the history of her family. It is dedicated to the relationship between fathers and sons.”

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