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Mum of Two Unexpectedly Gives Birth on A48 Road; Due to Abundant Blood, Car Looks Like a ‘Crime Scene’

Mum-of-two, Emily Kathleen, experienced an unexpected and dramatic childbirth on the A48 en route to Gloucester Hospital, resulting in her Land Rover resembling a crime scene due to the significant amount of blood.

Emily, 29, and her partner, Jake, 32, were forced to make an emergency stop near a housing estate on the A48 due to Emily’s severe contractions. With assistance from midwives over the phone, Jake helped deliver their daughter, Piper, at 1.35 a.m. on September 7, 2023. In the aftermath, the couple rendezvoused with an ambulance at a Toby Carvery carpark. However, complications arose when Emily hemorrhaged, requiring an urgent blood transfusion.

Upon discovering the couple’s abandoned, blood-covered Land Rover, concerned police initially suspected a serious crime. The situation was clarified when Jake’s mother communicated the events leading to the messy vehicle. Emily reflected on the overwhelming scenario, noting, “The car was covered in so much blood; it must have looked like a murder had taken place”, told Wales Online.

Amidst the ordeal, Baby Piper, nicknamed ‘Landie’ after the vehicle she was born in, weighed 7lb 14oz. Emily had previously experienced significant blood loss during the birth of her son, Roman. To counteract this, midwives had intended to administer preventative injections. However, the sudden onset of labor disrupted these plans.

The following day, Emily’s recollections of her ordeal were a mix of terror and gratitude. While police initially were alarmed by the scene they found, Emily appreciated their thoroughness. The couple also expressed immense gratitude to the medical team, praising them for their composure and expertise.

Despite the chaotic birthing experience, Emily and Jake view Piper’s birth as a unique story they will cherish, drawing connections to the coincidental numbers surrounding her birth and their interest in a nearby housing estate named “The Sevens.”

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