Natasha Hardie
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Unexpected Joy as Dreghorn Mother Welcomes Third Child Without Knowing She Was Pregnant

In an astonishing turn of events, a Dreghorn mother, Natasha Hardie, experienced the shock of her life when she gave birth to her third child, Ayla-mae, without any prior knowledge of her pregnancy. The unexpected delivery took place in a hospital, where Natasha had been admitted for severe back pain, under circumstances that left everyone, including medical professionals, in awe.

Natasha’s journey to the surprise childbirth began with a visit to her GP due to back pain, leading to various tests and scans at Crosshouse Hospital that showed no signs of pregnancy. The situation took a dramatic turn during an MRI scan when Natasha felt unwell and subsequently realized she was about to give birth in the restroom.

The quick-thinking hospital staff rushed her for an ultrasound, where it was confirmed that she was indeed in labor, culminating in the birth of Ayla-mae on an ultrasound bed within the orthopaedics department.

The birth was so sudden and unforeseen that even the attending midwives and A&E doctors had missed the signs of Natasha’s pregnancy, leaving a radiologist and another doctor to deliver the baby. Remarkably, the entire delivery lasted about 40 seconds, leaving Natasha and everyone involved in a state of shock.

Despite having no pregnancy symptoms and continuing her regular cycles, Natasha found herself adjusting to life with a new baby, relying on the support of her family to gather necessities for Ayla-mae. The incident has left her grateful for being in the hospital at the right time and for the exceptional care provided by the orthopaedics department staff.

Now back home, Natasha is embracing the unexpected addition to her family, still processing the miraculous circumstances under which her “perfect wee girl” came into the world.

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