Sarah de Lagarde
Image Credit: The Guardian

London Mother Loses Arm and Leg in Horrific Underground Train Accident

Sarah de Lagarde experienced a terrifying accident at High Barnet Underground Station when she slipped on the wet platform and fell into the gap between a stationary train and the platform. The fall caused severe injuries, including a broken nose and lost teeth. Alarmingly, her calls for help were initially unheard.

In an interview with Sky News, Mrs. de Lagarde recounted the horror as she lay trapped, with the train movement causing further grievous harm to her arm and leg. Driven by thoughts of her daughters, she clung to life despite the severity of her situation.

It took an alarming 15 minutes before she was noticed and an additional hour for rescue services to arrive and extricate her, a delay that Mrs. de Lagarde attributes to avoidable errors by Transport for London (TfL). She described a disturbing lack of clarity and promptness in turning off the power to the tracks, which delayed her rescue.

This incident has raised serious concerns about TfL’s emergency response protocols and highlighted the necessity for more efficient safety measures. The harrowing story of Sarah de Lagarde underscores the urgent need for public transport systems to prioritize passenger safety and the swift assistance of commuters in distress.

TfL is now under scrutiny, with calls for an in-depth inquiry into Mrs. de Lagarde’s accident and the broader implications for passenger safety on the London Underground. This tragedy serves as a grave reminder of the essential need for vigilance and fast-acting emergency support in public transportation networks.

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