Mum's Drug-Stuffed Car Ride with Convicted
(Image: Northumbria Police)

Sunderland Mum’s Drug-Stuffed Car Ride with Convicted Murderer Stuns Court

In a bizarre twist of events, Samantha McEvoy, 34, of Sunderland, was apprehended by police for erratic driving in Liverpool, only for officers to discover a cache of drugs in the vehicle and murderer Nicholas Cole, 45, as her passenger.

The November 2021 traffic stop unveiled bags of cannabis inside the Honda CR-V. This discovery led to a deeper probe, with officers searching McEvoy’s residence in Sunderland. The search unveiled cocaine, amphetamines, a significant sum of money, and documents pointing to potential drug deals.

Newcastle Crown Court was informed that Cole, previously convicted of a murder he committed as a teenager, played a major role in the narcotics trade. Both Cole and McEvoy faced the court, admitting guilt. Cole faced charges for possession of class A, B, and C drugs with intent to supply, while McEvoy was charged with intent to supply class B drugs, told Sunderland Echo.

Prosecutor Kelly Clarke detailed how officers initially became suspicious due to the unmistakable scent of cannabis emanating from the car. A deeper search revealed more cannabis, £330 in cash, multiple mobile phones, and a luxury watch. Following this, the search at McEvoy’s home led to the discovery of over 24g of cocaine, 4kg of amphetamines, and £454 in cash.

While McEvoy claimed the drugs in the vehicle were for personal consumption, and that she didn’t own the drugs at her residence, she eventually confessed to intending to distribute cannabis and amphetamines.

David Callan, defending Cole, remarked on the prolonged wait for the court proceedings and shed light on Cole’s murder conviction from 1997. Meanwhile, Helen Towers, representing McEvoy, described her client as a remorseful working mother of two. Towers intriguingly mentioned McEvoy’s captivating relationship with Cole, suggesting she was lured away from her mundane life by him.

Concluding the case, Judge Penny Moreland handed McEvoy a 13-month suspended sentence with mandated community service. Cole, who was already serving a life sentence for his past conviction, received an additional four years and three months for the drug-related charges.

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