Melania Trump addicted to Roxicodone; Ivanka Trump used to call FLOTUS ‘junkie wife’?

Melania Trump has been at the center of all sorts of rumors, but one of the most controversial claims have to do with her alleged addiction to painkillers.

Last year, comedian and former “The Apprentice” staff, Noel Casler, shared a series of tweets about the former First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). He claimed that the first lady is a long-term user of Roxicodone, a type of painkiller.

Casler also accused Donald Trump of regularly snorting Adderall, and he also claimed that Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump were blackout drinkers.

“First of all, he does drink and alcoholism and addiction run through the Trump genes like trains at Grand Central. Don Jr. and Ivanka were both blackout drunks that went ‘dry’ and Don has been a daily speed/cocaine user since the 80s. Melania is a long-term opioid user as well. Truth,” Casler further wrote.

However, it doesn’t seem that Casler’s revelation about the then-first lady did anything to staunch her sanctimonious behavior.

The comedian also revealed that the entire Trump family knows about Melania’s addiction to painkillers. In fact, Ivanka used to call her stepmom “Junkie Wife.”

According to Casler, the FLOTUS wears glasses and smokey eye shadow to hide the appearance of her dilated pupils due to her dependency on painkillers.

“When Melania left the White House for 28 days, it was a result of her long-term opiate abuse. She was either seeking treatment (of which there is no shame) or had legitimate medical complications for drug abuse-kidneys are often an issue. Either way, we never got the truth,” he wrote.

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