Meghan Markle’s Resurfaced Self-Love Quote Gets a Reaction on Twitter: ‘This Is Why I Love Her,’ says the narrator.

Meghan Markle’s Resurfaced Self-Love Quote Gets a Reaction on Twitter: ‘This Is Why I Love Her,’ says the narrator.

Meghan Markle’s comment encouraging everyone to be kind to themselves has reappeared on social media, attracting both supporters and critics’ attention.

The official Twitter account of I’m Listening, a movement that aims to remove the stigma of talking about mental health and thinks that “conversation has the potential to save lives,” reposted the Duchess of Sussex’s comment about self-love on Monday.

“All we have to do is be kinder to ourselves. Do you realize how much better off we would be if we treated ourselves like we treat our best friend?” read the following excerpt from Meghan Markle’s 2015 interview with “Breakfast Television” for International Day of the Girl.

It went viral after tennis player Naomi Osaka revealed that Markle was one of the celebs who reached out to her and voiced their support after she pulled out of the French Open last month. It also happened after some Italian soccer supporters honored the duchess by dedicating Italy’s Euro 2020 victory to her.

On Twitter, Markle’s statement drew mixed reactions.

“STELLAR ADVICE from a woman who no longer SPEAKS to her father and DUMPS ‘friends’ when they are no longer useful. “ALL OF HER LOVE IS FOR HERSELF ONLY!!!” one person exclaimed.

“How is your father doing, Meghan?” What about your step-siblings? You didn’t invite your entire family to your wedding, but you did invite celebrities you’d never met? What a thoughtful gesture.” another asked.

“Her Oprah interview was postponed so her in-laws could find peace as their father/grandfather was dying. Just days before his death, she said no, shocking the entire family. She then attempted to draw attention to herself during his funeral. “She’s not at all nice,” a third user wrote.

“Wow! Another person added, “I pray she doesn’t treat herself the way she treats her/his family, because if she does, she’ll need some major professional care for all the self-harm and hatred.”

Many people complimented Markle for being a positive role model and expressed support for her efforts in the midst of the criticism.

“This is one of the reasons I adore Meghan. She is always willing to stand up for what is right. One Twitter user said, “She’s a good role model.”

“Way to go, Meghan!! Her statements are extremely essential, and she is completely correct. Another tweeted, “Perhaps a lesson that can be internalized by those who are so angry and depressed for no cause.”

“I adore Meghan!” Despite the obstacles, she is brave and continues to rise above and speak her truth. Brief News from Washington Newsday.

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