Meghan Markle honored with stuff Prince Harry’s exes couldn’t touch with 10-ft poles

Meghan Markle brought something into the royal mix that Prince Harry’s socialite girlfriends were unable to “touch with a 10-ft pole.”

This claim was brought forward in the 2020 Amazon Prime documentary, Meghan Markle: Changing Traditions by royal commentator Ashely Pearson.

Pearson touched upon Meghan Markle’s humanitarian work in the documentary and claimed, “Prince Harry had dated, well a string really, of beautiful English socialites.”

“They tended to be blonde, and willowy, very great backgrounds of wealthy families, who went to the right schools. However, what Meghan brought to the equation was a lot of humanitarian work that Harry’s ex-girlfriends just couldn’t even touch with a 10-foot pole. Meghan had actually worked for the UN, she’d gone on missions and trips to support women and children in the developing world.”

“Meghan had been a global humanitarian long before she met Prince Harry. And I think as Harry was very close to stepping into his full role as a member of the Royal Family, the possibility of meeting someone who was equally passionate and engaged about changing the world and helping other people was extremely attractive to Harry.

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