Meghan Markle Criticizes Kate Middleton Once Again

The 39-year-old rebel cannot forget her past relationship with the submissive Duchess. The ex-actress is upset by her rival’s behavior.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, complained about Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton once again: the rebel expressed that she feels rejected.

The star of the television show “Suits” was born and raised in America. As a result, Meghan’s life experience was significantly different from Middleton’s, who was raised in British traditions and revered the monarchy since childhood. But Markle didn’t appear to think she’d be able to fall in love with a newly-arrived relative.

Megan can’t get Kate’s restrained behavior out of her mind: the rebel disclosed her actual feelings in a private talk with friends.

According to Free News, Emily Andrews said,

“Meg complained to friends that she felt rejected by Kate. She was sure that two women of non-royal origin who became the wives of British princes could become close friends. Kate hardly realized that she had not done enough for Megan.”

However, Tom Quinn, the royal writer, was quick to point out another cause for the adversaries’ lack of mutual understanding. And it lies in Markle herself. He said,

“Kate always wanted to behave quietly – obeyed the rules, followed the advice. But Megan is more daring and does everything in her own way. This directly affected their communication.” – the source says.

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