Meghan Markle taking the helm leaving ‘vulnerable’ Prince Harry to follow

Meghan Markle is reportedly the only one making the decisions and leaving Prince Harry completely ‘vulnerable’.

The claim has been brought forward by royal expert Tom Quinn during a chat in the Channel 5 documentary, Meghan at 50: The Climb to Power.

There he was quoted saying, “Mrs. Simpson was a strong, dominant woman who gave Edward VIII everything his mother hadn’t given him, he was vulnerable just as Harry is vulnerable.”

“If a man who is not very decisive meets a very decisive woman or the other way around they often get on very well because one makes the decisions and the other one goes along with it.”

“Meghan and Harry work because Harry is quite a vulnerable person who only lived in this gilded cage, he’s not very worldly. Meghan makes things happen, Meghan makes the decisions. Even Harry said famously, ‘what Meghan wants, Meghan gets’ that says it all.”

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