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Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Planning a ‘Total System Reboot’? Insights into the Duke and Duchess’s Future Plans

Throughout much of the year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry maintained a low-profile lifestyle, focusing on their private life in Montecito. However, they have recently increased their public visibility through various appearances, including at the Invictus Games and other events. Amidst this, there’s growing interest in their career ambitions and future plans, especially following some challenges they’ve faced.

A source revealed to People, “What we are witnessing, and likely to see more of, is Meghan 2.0. The Sequel. They are aware of their perceived shortcomings and public perception, but their approach has shifted more towards a tech mindset than Hollywood. Embracing big failures and all.” The insider also mentioned, “They have shuffled numerous projects and personnel, embarking on a total system reboot.” The Duke and Duchess seem to have an inherent reluctance to dwell on the past.

The source emphasized that Meghan and Harry are forward-looking, focusing on their future endeavors rather than dwelling on the past. Since stepping back as working royals in 2020 and relocating to the U.S., they have embarked on several significant ventures. They established The Archewell Foundation and secured lucrative deals with Spotify and Netflix. In August of the previous year, Meghan launched her podcast “Archetypes,” and in December, their Netflix series “Harry & Meghan” gained widespread attention.

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare,” released in 2023, also made headlines. While it became a bestseller, the book’s candid revelations about his royal life and experiences with Meghan stirred controversy. Despite the book’s success, their $20 million Spotify deal was reportedly cut short.

Recently, Meghan hinted at upcoming projects during a gala, expressing excitement about future announcements and noting that Harry is equally enthusiastic about their new ventures. This statement has piqued public curiosity about what the Sussexes have planned next, as they continue to redefine their roles and presence on the global stage.

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