Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan and Harry featured in ’embarrassing’ Holiday hypocrites exhibit

A holiday display at Kitson Los Angeles, a well-known store in the city, has targeted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with a critique, branding them as “holiday hypocrites.” This display is part of the store’s four-year tradition of highlighting the actions of celebrities during the holiday season.

The display showcases a digitally altered image of Meghan and Harry wearing Christmas hats. Below the photo are screenshots of headlines from the New York Post and the Daily Mail, which criticize the couple for their frequent use of private jets.

The focus of the critique is an incident in November when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew on a private jet from Santa Barbara to Nevada for a Katy Perry concert, only to return to California using the same method, told GB News.

Kitson Los Angeles’s display has drawn attention to this incident, reflecting on the behavior of the wealthy and famous. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield shared a photo of the display, further highlighting the couple’s travel choices.

The display coincides with another notable travel choice in the same week by Prince William, Harry’s brother, who chose commercial travel for his trip from the UK to Singapore to attend the Earthshot Prize awards. This decision underscored Prince William’s commitment to reducing his environmental impact.

In contrast, Prince Harry has previously been scrutinized for his use of private jets. In 2019, he addressed these concerns, explaining that private travel is sometimes necessary for his family’s safety and emphasized that it is not a regular practice but a situational choice.

This display at Kitson Los Angeles and the differing travel choices of the royal brothers highlight the ongoing conversation about environmental responsibility among public figures.

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