Mantras That Work Instantly

3 Mantras That Work Instantly To Help With Anxiety And Stress

Our everyday words and thoughts have the power to affect the way we feel and to influence the vibrations we send out around us. Empowering, helpful thoughts can lead to finding relief in stressful times, while not-so-positive thoughts can turn situations to more chaos and anxiety.

And in this post I’ll be sharing with you mantras that work instantly to help with anxiety – 3 statements that you can tell to yourself, and bring the feeling of relief when something in your life is stressing or bothering you.

These statements will help raise your vibration to the level of ease, calmness and peace with yourself and with the way life is unfolding for you in the present moment. You can repeat them in your mind frequently to help you think things more clearly, come back to your center, and connect to your natural good-feeling self. Let’s begin.

Mantra #1: “Either Way, It’s Okay”

This mantra basically means making peace with whatever result or outcome a situation you’re currently experiencing may bring you, whether it involves your work or your relationships with other people.

This means you are releasing the tendency to hold on to a particular outcome that your mind thinks should happen, and eliminating the need for control over the circumstance, especially those with lots of moving parts. In essence, you are making peace as to how things will play out because you are trusting that it will be working for your good and you’ll come out alright whichever way it leads.

The neediness and desperation for a singular way for things to unfold will be gone as you say “either way it’s okay”. The situation cannot anymore control you because you are releasing your dependency on it. Your vibration will be calmer, rather than needy and worried.

Whenever you are in a situation in which you are uneasy, arguing with reality or trying to exert control over outside circumstances, you can use this mantra to bring yourself to a general place of being okay with how things currently are.

Whenever you say this mantra, you are essentially telling yourself that the way you feel right now doesn’t have to be controlled by things being a certain way or not. You are now taking control of your own emotions by being okay with whatever it is that has been bothering or stressing you, and you are willing to make peace with the way life is unfolding before you, along with its uncertainties.

This mantra means surrendering to the best possible outcome that the situation will lead you to, instead of continuously arguing with the present moment, and making unnecessary presumptions about one way being better than another. This doesn’t equate to becoming passive about what you desire, but rather it is prioritizing taking care of your vibration first, and finding the feeling of relief in the present moment, which will then allow for the best possible outcome that you truly need in your life. The uncertainty becomes your friend, letting it work for you, instead of against you.

Mantra #2: “Maybe Yes, Maybe No”

This mantra helps you become aware and acknowledge the fact that our human mind has a very limited perspective with regards to the effects the things happening in our lives have. Our minds are not capable of seeing the bigger, broader picture or the totality of a certain situation, enough to make conclusions about what is right or wrong, and what will be for our highest good.

Whenever you are in a difficult situation and you are inclined to become pessimistic about life, conclude that you are at a disadvantage, that things are going wrong for you, that you are unlucky in life, or something is negative and shouldn’t be in your experience, you can use this mantra to tell yourself that what you are currently thinking is just a “maybe” and not an absolute truth. “Maybe yes, maybe no” will help you in releasing the tendency to conclude and judge things based on how they physically appear in the moment, and not overlook the possibility that something good may come out of it. This opens up your mind to infinite probabilities, and not fixate on a negative interpretation that you may initially formulate in your head. It eliminates the habit of worrying or feeling anxious about something you do not really know for sure.

Instead of filling your mind with endless interpretations and negative stories, this mantra creates space for a calmer, more peaceful mindset, and a more lighthearted approach to everything. This serves to remind you that you do not need to figure everything out in your life, all at once. It’s healthier to not try to judge everything immediately and to not try to know all the answers to life’s questions, because the physical mind just isn’t capable of that. And when you are comfortable with not knowing, that’s when you open up to more of what’s truly meant to happen for you.

Mantra #3: “Don’t Insist, Don’t Resist”

This third mantra is a reminder that whenever there is insistence, there is resistance. Whenever you are exerting too much effort on a particular desire, and insisting that it should manifest the way you want it to, there is resistance within your energy that will create negative emotion and unnecessary attachment to outside manifestation.

When you are faced with a desire that is not easily coming about for you, in your health, finances, or relationships, use this mantra to remind yourself that pushing too hard on something will just make you go against the flow of what you desire. The insistence will be counterproductive. You are blocking your own current and making it even harder for yourself. “Don’t insist, don’t resist” will help you relax a little bit and loosen the grip about what it is that you desire to happen.

It will help stabilize your vibration, so that the right things will then be able to flow more easily because the resistance is no longer there to block it. Instead of insisting and resisting, you will now be allowing your own stream of well-being to carry you towards your desires that are already prepared and lined up for you, just waiting for your resistance to not be in the way.

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