(Image: Northumbria Police)

Police Officer Captures Horrifying Appeals as Boyfriend Strangles Girl, Man Given 18-Month Sentence

At Newcastle Crown Court, a harrowing case was presented involving a policewoman who resorted to recording herself pleading with her boyfriend, Callum Allan, to cease his strangling attempt during a violent attack. The court heard detailed accounts of Allan’s repeated aggressive behavior, resulting in an 18-month prison sentence and a five-year restraining order for his protection.

As reported by The Mirror, 25-year-old Callum Allan from Sunderland was accused of subjecting his partner, a 24-year-old Northumbria Police staff investigator, to various abusive acts. The judge noted the seriousness of the strangulation incidents, pointing out their potentially lethal outcomes. The victim, caught in a distressing situation, captured an audio recording of one of these episodes as evidence.

Chronicle Live described how Allan repeatedly strangled his partner, causing her breathing difficulties. Prosecutor Neil Jones recounted the deterioration of what was once a promising relationship, turning violent, especially when Allan consumed alcohol.

One particularly alarming incident occurred on Boxing Day, where Allan threatened to burn the victim alive, even placing his lighter near her feet and leaving a mark. On February 17, another assault resulted in bruising and redness on her neck due to strangulation.

In court, Jones revealed the victim’s efforts to document her abuse, including a voice recording where she begged Allan to stop. A final assault in April, observed by a bar worker in Sunderland city center, saw Allan biting the victim’s nose during a group photo, leaving a visible mark. These events caused severe trauma to the victim, affecting her ability to continue her investigative role.

In her impact statement, the victim expressed a longing to reclaim her previous life and highlighted Allan’s indifference to her potential death. Judge Gavin Doig, during sentencing, stressed the seriousness of Allan’s conduct, particularly the repeated neck pressure, and the dangerous implications of such actions.

Defending Allan, John Crawford pointed to his client’s guilty plea, cooperation with probation, and participation in employment training. This case highlights the severe issue of domestic violence within intimate relationships, underscoring the importance of awareness and support for those affected.

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