LOreal Infrared Hairdryer AirLight Pro
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L’Oréal Introduces Groundbreaking ‘AirLight Pro’ Hairdryer with Infrared Innovation at CES

L’Oréal made waves at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, unveiling the ‘AirLight Pro,’ a cutting-edge hairdryer designed to dry hair 33 percent faster, enhance smoothness, and consume less power.

Developed in collaboration with hardware start-up Zuvi, the futuristic ‘AirLight Pro‘ is hailed by L’Oréal as a “breakthrough” product, combining Zuvi’s patented LightCare technology with high-speed wind for accelerated hair drying without excessive heat. The result is hair that appears 59 percent visually smoother and shinier.

Catering to both beauty professionals and consumers, the ‘AirLight Pro’ is the result of a collaborative effort involving a team of 100 engineers, designers, hairdressers, and scientists from L’Oréal’s research and innovation division working alongside Zuvi. The aim was to create a professional-grade hairdryer that prioritizes hair health and environmental sustainability.

LOréal hair dryer
Photo Credit: L’Oreal]

Diverging from traditional heating hair dryers, the ‘AirLight Pro’ features a special 17-blade, high-speed motor and US-patented infrared technology powered by Tungsten-halogen bulbs. This unique combination allows for faster hair drying without subjecting the hair to excessive heat. Additionally, the innovative design results in significantly reduced energy consumption, up to 31 percent less than leading premium hair dryers, as per L’Oréal’s testing.

Nicolas Hieronimus, Chief Executive of the L’Oréal Groupe, highlighted the company’s commitment to science-driven innovation, stating, “With AirLight Pro, in partnership with Zuvi, we prove that technology can augment beauty performance, caring for multiple hair needs, and reduce its environmental impact. That’s the future of beauty we are aiming to create.”

The ‘AirLight Pro’ is set to launch in select markets, including Europe and the US, under L’Oréal Professionnel, the beauty group’s salon professional brand, in 2024. This unveiling marks a significant step toward merging advanced technology with beauty solutions while prioritizing environmental consciousness.

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