London Metropolitan Police

Massive security breach shakes London’s Metropolitan Police

“Metropolitan Police Alerts 47,000 Personnel After Data Breach: Personal Details Remain Secure”

London’s Metropolitan Police has alerted its entire 47,000-strong personnel about a potential security risk, following an unauthorized system breach involving one of its suppliers.

While the exact time of the breach and the extent of affected personnel remain undisclosed, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed that personal details, including addresses, phone numbers, and financial data, were not part of the compromised information.

This alarming incident, now under National Crime Agency (NCA) review, comes close on the heels of an inadvertent data disclosure by the Police Service of Northern Ireland. They unintentionally revealed personal data for their 10,000 members in response to a Freedom of Information inquiry.

Rick Prior, vice-chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation, voiced concerns over the potential repercussions of this breach, given the vast number of officers it represents.

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