Paul Braisher
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London Underground Driver and ‘Gentle Soul’ Passes Away Suddenly at Work Following Farewell to Daughters

Paul Braisher, a dedicated London Underground driver and a beloved family man, tragically passed away following a cardiac arrest at Harrow on the Hill station during the early hours of Saturday, March 2. His wife, Sarah Braisher, 44, described him as a ‘gentle soul’ who cherished his family and had a profound passion for trains. The couple had been married for 15 years, sharing their lives and raising their two daughters, Zoe, 15, and Leanne, 12.

Originally from Walthamstow, Paul had been commuting from their home in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, for his shifts with Transport for London (TfL), where he had been employed for 25 years. Starting his career in station staff roles, Paul spent over two decades as a train driver, primarily on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines. His punctuality and dedication to his job were well-known among his colleagues, often leading to light-hearted inquiries about his early arrivals, reported Mylondon.

Beyond his professional life, Paul was a fervent Tottenham Hotspur and snooker enthusiast, often spending quality time fishing with his daughters. Sarah, who moved to the UK from Nigeria in 2002, shared poignant memories of Paul’s final moments with their family, emphasizing the depth of their bond and his caring nature. She recounted how he made a point to express his love for them through kisses and hugs the night before his untimely death, leaving behind a legacy of love and devotion.

Paul’s fascination with railways extended beyond his occupation. A visit to the National Railway Museum in York with his family was a highlight, showcasing his enduring enthusiasm for locomotives and the history of railways. This passion was something he eagerly shared with his family, even inspiring interest in Sarah, who initially had little inclination towards trains.

The news of Paul’s sudden passing came as a shock to Sarah, who was informed by an unexpected call on a relaxed Saturday morning. The loss of Paul Braisher has left a void in the lives of his loved ones, who remember him as a dedicated professional, a loving husband, and father, and a man with a genuine passion for the world of trains. His memory continues to inspire his family, reflecting the joy and curiosity he brought into their lives through his interests and affections.

She said: “The police called me and said that it’s the police […] and ‘unfortunately, Paul’s had a cardiac arrest, but he’s receiving treatment.

“A police vehicle would come and collect me and blue light me to London to see him. But unfortunately […] when they got here, they just said to come in for a chat.” Sarah added that Leanne was at a friend’s house, but Zoe was upstairs when officers informed her that Paul had died.

Sarah said: “I was just shouting ‘no, no, no’. I was trying not to let her [Zoe] know, but she came down and I had to tell her. She’s very close to her dad.” She added: “He was a really nice person, who put other people before himself.

“Even when he was ill and I would say, ‘don’t go to work’ – sorry, excuse my language – ‘you look like s***’. I would say, someone else can cover you’ and he’d be like ‘no’, because it’s not fair on that person to do his work when they could have a rest.”

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