Diana and William
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‘Lazy’ Prince William echoes Princess Diana’s Memory amid ‘press criticism’

Prince William has recently been at the center of media scrutiny, labeled as “lazy” for his approach to royal duties, but he continues to prioritize his family, echoing the values of his late mother, Princess Diana. Royal commentator Gareth Russell, in a discussion on GB News, pointed out the parallels between William’s focus on family and that of Diana during her time as a working royal.

The criticism emerged following reports that Prince William, next in line for the throne, undertook 172 official engagements, while Princess Kate participated in 123. These figures stand in contrast to Princess Anne’s 457 outings. Despite the criticism, William and Kate have made it clear that their family is their primary concern, a stance reminiscent of Princess Diana’s approach to her royal responsibilities.

Russell highlighted the strong influence of Diana on Prince William, dispelling the notion that he solely follows in the footsteps of his father, Prince Charles. He noted that William’s deep love and admiration for his mother are evident in his actions and choices.

Russell also suggested that the couple’s approach, deeply influenced by Diana’s legacy, might make them less susceptible to being hurt by press criticism compared to other members of the royal family. This stance represents a significant aspect of Diana’s enduring impact on the monarchy.

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