King Charles
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King Charles Drops a Christmas Bombshell! Discover the Unexpected Ban as Royals Gear Up for Sandringham Celebration

As the Royal Family prepares to come together at Sandringham for Christmas, King Charles has reportedly introduced a traditional ban that might surprise younger royals. The festive gathering will include King Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate, and their three children, providing an opportunity for both the oldest and youngest royals to unite.

According to reports, King Charles has enforced a ban on the posting of selfies during Christmas celebrations. Instead, only carefully controlled, professionally shot photos and videos will be allowed. Insiders reveal that only royals with official social media accounts will have the privilege of posting during the festivities, and any other images or videos must receive approval from the Buckingham Palace communications team.

The decision to restrict selfies and casual photographs is aimed at safeguarding the interests of senior royals. With over 40 guests, including teenagers, expected at Sandringham, the new rules are intended to prevent unexpected or candid images from circulating on social media.

A source stated, ‘There will be a lot of teenagers in attendance this year who are very mobile-friendly. It sounds rather funny, but the truth of the matter is they don’t want a photo of the King trying to squeeze a roast potato into his mouth appearing on social media. Not only will there be extended members of the family in attendance but also complete outsiders, so it’s very important to ensure that no unexpected photos or videos appear online.’

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