These Scary Photos Of Kim Kardashian Just Got Released–Fans Are Freaking Out!

No one recognized Kim Kardashian when she starred in the latest ad campaign for her brand SKIMS. The 40-year-old entrepreneur had on so much makeup that she looked like an entirely different person.

Fans were so surprised and shared their reactions on comments on her Instagram.

Advertising her brand’s new line of outdoor basics, Kim was styled with blonde hair with a center part and a ton of contour makeup that made her look like an entirely different person. If you look closely enough, you can tell that the person in the ad is Kim, but she looks almost like a mannequin in some shots!

Fans were really freaked out to see this new look on Kim, and they took to the Instagram post’s comments to share their thoughts. Fans responded on a post-Kim shared on her personal account, showing a behind-the-scenes look from the photoshoot.

“You’re the saddest ever but this look on you just not,” one wrote. Another said, “This look makes her look old.” One commenter even wrote, “Not a fan of the style. Didn’t recognize you.” And similarly, one said, “Omg not feeling this look.” There were a few fans who did actually like Kim’s new look, sharing their thoughts of praise on the post as well.

These comments simply said “cute” or “stunning.” Kim’s new outdoor line includes basics like bralettes, leggings, shorts, and t-shirts, all crafted from garment-dyed cotton that gives a rugged appeal. This stylish yet utilitarian line is perfect for summer.

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