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Kate’s Culinary Delight in Making Messy Pizza Dough with Her Royal Tots

The Princess of Wales, Kate, has a deliciously messy hobby that she loves sharing with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte: making pizza dough from scratch. This family activity not only allows for bonding time but also lets the young royals indulge in a bit of controlled chaos in the kitchen.

Kate revealed this charming family tradition during a visit to St Luke’s Community Centre in 2018 with Prince William, where they helped prepare food for the Commonwealth Big Lunch. Engaging with a member from Bolivia, she shared, “I’ve done that with George and Charlotte – making pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands messy.” She also mentioned to an interpreter at the event how much she enjoys this activity with her children, highlighting the fun and sometimes chaotic nature of cooking with kids, told by Hello! Magazine.

Chef Matt Jones, who was present at the 2018 event, recalled the day as “fantastic,” noting that Kate had confided in them about the joys and challenges of cooking with her children, particularly how it can get “a bit messy.”

But the intrigue doesn’t stop at dough-making. Kate has also stirred up some mild controversy with her choice of pizza toppings. In 2019, during a pizza-making session with children at Islington’s Community Garden, Kate disclosed her favorite topping: bacon.

This admission came as a surprise to many, considering the more traditional choices available. When discussing pizza with the children, she explained her preference, saying, “Does anyone ever put bacon on a pizza? Bacon’s great. Do you not think that sounds good? I quite like that actually… It’s like having pepperoni but it’s not as spicy.”

Kate’s culinary preferences became a topic of light-hearted conversation when she pondered aloud whether the Queen enjoys pizza, a question she playfully considered posing to Her Majesty the next time they met. This anecdote not only highlighted Kate’s approachable and relatable personality but also her ability to connect with the public and her family through everyday activities like cooking.

As the Princess of Wales continues to embrace and share these moments, she not only crafts delicious pizzas but also creates lasting memories with her children, making each messy session in the kitchen a cherished royal engagement.

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