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Kate Middleton ‘coma’ claims debunked by Palace: ‘Totally made-up!’

Speculations surrounding the severity of Kate Middleton’s recent health issues have been categorically denied by Buckingham Palace. In a statement to The Times, relayed through the Daily Beast, a source from the palace firmly refuted the dramatic claims that the Princess of Wales was in critical condition, labeling such assertions as entirely unfounded.

The controversy arose from remarks made by Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, who suggested that Kate’s health situation was dire enough to necessitate placing her in an induced coma to preserve her life. Calleja attributed this information to an anonymous source within the royal household, describing the conversation as entirely confidential. However, the palace insider challenged the credibility of these claims, emphasizing that no effort was made by Calleja to verify the information with any official representatives of the royal family.

The insider’s rebuttal was unequivocal, dismissing the rumors about Kate’s health scare as “total nonsense” and asserting that the narrative of her life being in “great danger” was a fabrication. The strong denial by the palace aims to quash the swirling rumors and provide a more grounded perspective on the Princess’s condition.

Kate Middleton’s recent medical ordeal involved a 14-day stay at the London Clinic in Marylebone, where she underwent abdominal surgery. The nature of the surgery and the specific details surrounding her health have not been disclosed by the Palace, leading to widespread speculation. Despite the Palace’s reticence to share details, the insistence that the more sensational claims about Kate’s health are false seeks to mitigate unfounded rumors and concern.

Currently, Kate is in the recovery phase at her Windsor home, where she is being supported by Prince William and their three children: Prince George, aged 10; Princess Charlotte, aged 8; and Prince Louis, aged 5. The family’s presence provides a nurturing environment for the Princess as she recuperates from her recent health challenges.

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