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The Cold War Between Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex’s Is Ongoing

Catherine is not popular for her jealously, but Royals Monthly has erudite she’s feeling progressively jealous of Sophie Wessex’s ultra-tight relationship with the Queen!

As per sources, Countess, 56, has been a “pillar of strength” for Her Majesty and is one of a few family members allowed into her and Prince Phillip’s private “bubble”.

Kate, 39, has had far fewer facetime with her darling grandmother-in-law of late – and seemingly that’s in progress to upset her downs.

A source revealed, “They’re extremely similar in that they each have this take-charge mentality and feel equally protective of friends and family, especially the elder generation and Her Majesty, who adores them both.

“Lately Sophie has been the go-to for various personal matters as well as a sounding board for certain decisions about the monarchy, which she’s perfect for since she’s impartial and has no real agenda or issues with the likes of the Sussexes or the Yorks – she’s also incredibly understated and hard-working, albeit beneath the radar.

“But it’s raising Kate’s hackles because she’s getting less face time and her nose is put out, though she’d never admitted it of course.”

As royals’ followers know that Sophie is not classified as a Duchess because her husband Edward took a different title. He was charmed with the name Lord Wessex from the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love that he asked for the same title – and his mother the Queen generously agreed.

Edward, 56, and Sophie tied the knot at Windsor Castle in 1999, they became the Earl and Countess of Wessex respectively, with William and Kate later taking on the Cambridge honor following their nuptials in 2011.

However, the title balances didn’t reason any drama between the two families, with Kate and Sophie liking a close friendship and William, 38, being a loving cousin to the Wessexes’ children: Lady Louise Windsor, 17, and James, Viscount Severn, 13.

Certainly, Kate and Sophie have habitually appeared social functions and events together in recent years, frequently clustering up in the Royal Box and Wimbledon and soothing from the offshoots at the Ascot races.

As our insider notes, “They have always had a wonderful friendship, so it’s a real pity that this competitive streak they both have appears to have come between them.

“It’s more a case of awkwardness as opposed to tension because at the end of the day they’re both on the same team and limelight stealing or showboating simple isn’t in their nature.

“But Kate cherishes every moment she gets with the Queen, and with Sophie spending so much time by her side these days it’s starting to feel like she’s the second choice – and that stings.

“She’s also not being consulted about quite so much as she used to, which is no coincidence since the word is that Sophie has Her Majesty’s ear more than anyone at the moment.

“Ultimately though, this is far from a crisis and they’re bound to work things out shortly and resume that rock-solid relationship again.

“At the end of the day, this is a good problem to have, in that the Queen adores them both and neither of them has anything to worry about in that regard.

“They’re front and center of the monarch and integral to the big picture, just in different ways.

“Sophie’s never let anyone down and neither has Kate – and all niggles aside that’s what matters here.”

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