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Body Language Expert Reveals Surprising Truth Behind Kate and Meghan’s Tense Relationship

Despite what initially seemed to be a cordial relationship, the bond between Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has reportedly been strained since Meghan and Prince Harry’s move to the United States. A revealing moment during a public appearance at Windsor Castle, following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, has been interpreted by a body language expert as a sign of the enduring rift.

According to Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, Kate and Meghan never truly connected, despite appearances suggesting otherwise before Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The tension was palpable during their walkabout at Windsor Castle, where the two couples greeted mourners. This event was seen as a potential opportunity for reconciliation, but it appears to have solidified Kate’s stance on the ongoing rift.

Body language expert Judi James noted a significant gesture by Kate during this outing. “The first sight of the two couples that day was when the car they were all travelling in pulled up outside the gates of Windsor Castle. Harry got out first, followed by William. Despite their differences, the brothers remained close, standing together to make their greetings,” James told the Express.

James highlighted a “storming gesture” by Kate as she exited the car, with Meghan behind her. “Kate’s first gesture of intent came as she stormed around the car to join the brothers without as much as a backward glance at Meghan. She was clearly going to make no attempt to play at small talk or unity,” James explained.

Meghan hesitated, unsure whether to follow closely. It was William who noticed her uncertainty and extended an arm to invite her to join them. Meghan remained at a distance, and Harry maneuvered behind William to get to his wife, who was nervously tossing her hair. This behavior suggested a clear divide between the couples, despite their united public front.

The strained relationship between Kate and Meghan was further detailed in Harry’s memoir, where he noted that the two women never truly hit it off. This public appearance, one of the rare instances where the two were seen together, underscored the ongoing tension. Kate reportedly found the joint appearance one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.

The appearance came after a tumultuous period for the royal family, with Harry and Meghan stepping back from royal duties and relocating to the US. Their decision has been a point of contention within the family, leading to a noticeable distance between them and the rest of the royals.

The public engagement at Windsor Castle was initially seen as a chance for reconciliation. However, the body language expert’s observations suggest otherwise. Kate’s gesture indicated a reluctance to engage with Meghan, emphasizing the existing discord.

In contrast, Harry and Meghan have recently been seen in high spirits, attending the Invictus Games. This event, a significant project for Harry, aims to support the well-being of veterans through sports and community. The couple’s appearance at the Games follows a brief visit to the UK by Harry, where he attended the WellChild Awards and visited St George’s Chapel in Windsor on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The Invictus Games remain a passion project for Harry, symbolizing his commitment to the veteran community. Despite their royal exit, Harry and Meghan continue to champion causes they care deeply about, maintaining a public presence through these engagements.

While Kate focuses on her recovery from a recent health setback, her interactions with Meghan during public appearances continue to be scrutinized. The Windsor Castle incident has only fueled further speculation about the relationship between the two women and the broader dynamics within the royal family.

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