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Joe Biden’s favorite foods ‘child-like’ same with other Presidents

According to a US report, the President appreciates treats such as cookies and sweets. A longtime aide has reported about the 78-year-old that, President Joe Biden has the food tastes “of a five-year-old”.

As Natasha Wynarczyk unveils, Donald Trump pleaded with McDonald’s while in the White House. But they are not the only Presidents to have unusual tastes in food.

John Adams: 18th Century President who reportedly woke before dawn and walked five miles a day, every morning he drank a glass of cider. But one of his other habits was a lot less healthy.

James A. Garfield: Between March and September 1881, He suffered from digestive problems throughout his brief time as President, and doctors urged him to satisfy in his favorite dish squirrel soup to help with this.

The President allowed his workers to shoot the animals on the White House grounds to get meat for the meal.

Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Prune whip” was a preference of this President. It was made of prune purée, a dash of lemon juice, unflavored gelatin, four egg whites, and vanilla cream, blended and served cold with cream.

Bill Clinton: He and his wife Hillary always liked a dessert that was called “Coca-Cola salad”. But this was absolutely no healthy food.

The dish was made of Coke-flavored jelly which was completed with black glacé cherries.

George W Bush: By the 43rd President, one of the most demanded dishes was cheeseburger pizza. His White House chef Cristeta Comerford came up with the concoction, which consisted of cheeseburger ingredients such as burger patties and pickles on top of a Margherita pizza.

Donald Trump: The junk food fan was remembered for daily ordering dinner from McDonald’s and even asking his chefs to recreate his favorite quarter pounder and fried apple pie dishes.

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