Joe Biden Jokes About Murdering Reporters

Joe Biden Jokes About Murdering Reporters and the Press Swoon

That’s the truth regarding the Biden enjoys their devotion not because he’s charismatic or special in any regard, but simply because he urges policies they support.

But having said that the main thing is for press chewed their teeth over any jokes pointing them during the Trump era, and Yet, here we are you’d think they wouldn’t take too kindly to Biden laughing it up about murdering them.

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But the truth is Biden currently living in a fantasy world. The essential activities of his are just driving around parking lots, joking with a fawning press, People of his country are learning to resent a president who is ineffective at doing the job as they expected earlier this year but in truly fiddling while the country burns and people are undergoing under his policies and hurdles, he makes for them.

Of course, I get that he’s joking, but Donald Trump was joking as well when he took humored pokes at the press. Instead of just supporting that he was making light of their adversarial relationship, but sadly they tried to paint everything he said as a threat to the “freedom of the press.”

That didn’t stop them from acting as if he’d just signed their orders of execution. Is it that hilarious that he talked about running over a reporter instead of doing his job? Moreover, shouldn’t it be sort of newsworthy that the president can do PR stunts in Michigan but in the real meaning of work he can’t take a few seconds to answer a question about a major war going on in the Middle East involving one of our chief allies?

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