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Hellmann’s Steps into Sustainability with Sneakers Made from Food Waste

In a creative move to combat food waste, Hellmann’s Canada has partnered with the Italian-based sustainable fashion brand ID.Eight to launch a unique line of sneakers crafted from discarded food items. Dubbed ‘1352: Refreshed Sneakers,’ the footwear incorporates materials derived from corn, mushrooms, apples, and grapes, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The name ‘1352: Refreshed Sneakers’ reflects the alarming statistic that the average Canadian household wastes approximately 1,352 Canadian dollars worth of food annually. This initiative by Hellmann aims to spotlight this issue and encourage Canadians to reconsider their food habits, via Yahoo.

Harsh Pant, the senior brand manager for Hellmann’s Canada, highlighted the project’s dual purpose: “Hellmann’s has a longstanding history of taking the necessary steps to address, raise awareness, and reduce food waste. With 1352: Refreshed Sneakers we’ve created a visual representation of Canadians’ food waste, aimed at sparking conversation and challenging consumers to take small steps to reduce that 1,352 Canadian dollars amount of food that’s wasted each year.”

The initiative not only promotes sustainability but also supports charitable causes. Canadians interested in owning a pair of these innovative sneakers can participate in a giveaway hosted on Hellmann’s official website. For every entry received, Hellmann’s Canada pledges to donate the equivalent of 10 meals to their longstanding charity partner, Second Harvest. This organization is dedicated to rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted and using it to help those in need.

This campaign represents a significant step forward in sustainable fashion and social responsibility, merging style with environmental consciousness in a bid to make a meaningful impact on how food waste is viewed and handled in Canada.

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