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Prince Harry’s ‘Way More Comfortable’ With ‘The Crown’ Than This Alternative About His Family

British royals might tread lightly when discussing ‘The Crown’ due to its portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, including some controversial moments. But for Prince Harry, the TV series sits well because of its transparent nature.

During a ride with James Corden on the Late Late Show through LA’s streets, Harry touched upon ‘The Crown’. In the segment from February 2021, he shared that the show offers a “broad sense” of the royal existence.

“It’s not posing as news,” Harry pointed out. “While fictional, it’s grounded in reality. Sure, it isn’t entirely accurate, but it paints a general picture of the demands of putting duty above personal life and its consequences.”

These observations resonated with Emma Corrin from ‘The Crown‘. However, Harry’s remarks came amid behind-the-scenes discussions about adding a disclaimer to the series, emphasizing its dramatized nature.

Harry clarified his stance to Corden: he’s more at ease with ‘The Crown’ than with articles written about his family that claim to be factual. “The show is clearly fiction, and viewers should see it as such. What bothers me are narratives pitched as real news. That’s problematic,” he emphasized.

As reported by the CheatSheet However, With several legal battles against tabloids, Harry has often voiced his concerns about their influence on his relationships, from his late mother, Princess Diana, to his wife, Meghan Markle. In his ‘Spare’ memoir, he highlights the emotional toll media narratives took on Meghan.

The hit Netflix series, after its fifth season, is nearing present-day events. The end of season 5 saw Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, preparing for a journey with the Fayed family, leading up to the tragic summer of 1997.

As filming commenced in September 2022, there was much buzz about Diana’s passing portrayal. This poignant moment starts the first segment, which is “handled with sensitivity.”

‘The Crown’s subsequent episodes will focus on the fallout, delving into Prince William and Kate Middleton’s college romance and the younger days of Prince Harry.

‘The Crown’ Season 6, Part I, with its initial four episodes, streams from Nov. 16, 2023, and the concluding six episodes drop on Dec. 14, 2023.

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