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“Service is Universal” Prince Harry’s Search for a UK Home and the Sussexes’ Global Aspirations

Recent reports of Prince Harry’s search for a UK home have reignited speculation about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plans to split their time between the United States and the United Kingdom. This strategy may harken back to their original “half-in, half-out” vision that was nixed by Queen Elizabeth II before their royal exit in 2020. The potential move has sparked discussions about the couple’s intentions and the implications for their relationship with the royal family.

According to former royal butler Grant Harrold, who worked for King Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, the idea of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle living part-time in the UK and part-time in the US aligns with their initial plan. “If Harry does buy a place in the UK, he and Meghan will live here for part of the year and part of the year in the States, that was the original idea,” told the New York Post.

The former palace staffer further elaborated on the potential arrangement, stating, “I would assume that this would mean Meghan would also be coming to the UK and you’d see them spending so many months of the year here.” However, Harrold acknowledged that he doesn’t see Meghan wanting to be in London permanently, adding, “I think that was the whole idea of why they went out to the States in the first place.”

The search for a UK home base could be seen as a strategic move for the Sussexes as they expand their philanthropic efforts, such as the Invictus Games, and seek to maintain a connection to Prince Harry’s home country for their children, Prince Archie, 5, and Princess Lilibet, 3. “I can believe that Harry would like to be back here, he loves the UK. He had an amazing upbringing here, he loved living here and I remember that,” Harrold noted, via Ok Magazine.

The couple’s recent visit to Nigeria, while not an official royal tour, showcased their natural charisma and ability to blend philanthropy with their public personas, a skill set that could be leveraged more effectively with a presence in both the US and the UK.

When the Sussexes initially stepped back from their roles as senior royals in 2020, Buckingham Palace issued a statement highlighting the incompatibility of their vision with the responsibilities and duties of public service within the royal family. “Following conversations with The Duke, The Queen has written confirming that in stepping away from the work of The Royal Family it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service,” the statement read.

In response, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle issued their own statement, asserting, “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.” This sentiment appears to be driving the couple’s current plans, as they seek to establish a global presence and impact through their various initiatives.

The reports of Prince Harry’s UK home search come amid speculation that King Charles is keen to spend more time with his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, whom he has only met a few times. Sources suggest that the monarch, who is currently battling cancer, is frustrated by the limited contact he has with the children, primarily through occasional video calls, and desires a more substantial relationship with them.

As the Sussexes potentially plot the next stage of their career, the idea of a UK home base alongside their US residence could be seen as an attempt to bridge the gap between their global aspirations and their ties to the royal family. The outcome of this renewed effort to establish a “half-in, half-out” arrangement remains to be seen, as the couple navigates the complexities of their relationship with the monarchy and the public’s perception of their roles.

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