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Prince Harry will not watch ‘The Crown’ over ‘sensitive’ scenes of Diana’s death

The new season of Netflix’s “The Crown,” which includes a portrayal of the tragic death of Princess Diana, has prompted Prince Harry to abstain from viewing the series. As the final season of this widely popular show airs, sources have informed Page Six that the Duke of Sussex has deliberately chosen not to watch the episodes that dramatize the period leading up to and following his mother’s death.

A source close to Prince Harry explained, “Due to the sensitive nature of content in upcoming episodes of The Crown, Prince Harry has understandably decided not to view this season.” This decision underscores the emotional weight that the portrayal of these events carries for him.

Season 6 of “The Crown,” which premiered recently, navigates through various historical events, including Tony Blair’s premiership, the early stages of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship, and the final days of Princess Diana’s life, including her relationship with Dodi Fayed and their fatal car accident in Paris in 1997.

In a poignant move, the series also depicts the last conversation between Prince Harry and his mother and recreates the heart-wrenching moment when 12-year-old Harry is informed of her death. Additionally, the season includes some unconventional scenes, such as portraying Princess Diana as a ghost interacting with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

The impact of Princess Diana’s sudden demise on Prince Harry’s mental health has been a subject he has openly discussed in the past. This aspect of his personal history may contribute to his decision to avoid the show’s dramatization of these painful memories.

Regarding Prince William, sources suggest he, too, will refrain from watching the show. It has been reported that neither the Sussexes nor the Cambridges were consulted by the creators of “The Crown” or by Netflix in the making of this series.

Despite his choice to distance himself from the show, Prince Harry is said to hold “no ill feelings towards the show’s creators or Netflix.” This decision appears to be a personal one, reflecting his desire to maintain a respectful distance from a dramatized version of events that are deeply personal and significant to him and his family.

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