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Prince Harry’s Warning to Meghan Markle About Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Trap’ in Their First Meeting

Meghan Markle’s introduction to the late Queen Elizabeth came with a significant heads-up from Prince Harry, who cautioned his future wife about a potential “trap” set by the monarch.

Back in October 2016, shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s blossoming romance became public knowledge, Meghan had her inaugural encounter with Queen Elizabeth II.

According to revelations in Harry’s memoir, titled “Spare,” Meghan was enthusiastic about meeting her future grandmother-in-law and even remarked, “Fun! I love grandmas.”

However, Prince Harry had some words of caution for Meghan, as he was well aware that appearances could be deceiving.

Prior to the meeting, the couple paid a visit to Sarah Ferguson, the former partner of Prince Andrew, who kindly offered Meghan guidance on how to properly curtsy to the late Queen.

Sarah also advised Meghan to exercise caution when conversing with the late monarch, emphasizing that she should refrain from speaking over the Queen. There were also guidelines suggesting that Meghan should initially address her as “Your Majesty” before switching to “Ma’am.”

In his memoir, Harry recalled that Meghan adhered to these protocols meticulously, demonstrating a flawless curtsy.

Harry wrote in “Spare,” “Everyone complimented Meg on her curtsy. So good! So deep!” This anecdote showcases Meghan’s respectful approach during her first meeting with the late Queen Elizabeth, guided by her husband’s astute advice.

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